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Moving Words 2011 Student Poems

2011 Student Moving Words Winning Poems

Sarah Aguirre, 5th Grade, McKinley Elementary
Aminata Davis, Kindergarten, McKinley Elementary
Bruno Fernandez, 8th Grade, Kenmore Middle School
Anaca Florimón-Reed, 8th Grade, Gunston Middle School
Hannah Ford, 4th Grade, Jamestown Elementary
Grace Miller, 2nd Grade, Arlington Science Focus
Neil Mockler, 7th Grade, Thomas Jefferson Middle
Phuc Nguyen, 8th Grade, Kenmore Middle School
Gabrielle Peña, 8th Grade, Kenmore Middle School
Ryan "Ashby" Shores, Jr., 4th Grade, Arlington Science Focus
David Thissen, Kindergarten, McKinley Elementary
Emma Lilianne Tyler, 4th Grade, Nottingham Elementary

2011 Student Moving Words Honorable Mention Awardees

Catherine Burke, 5th Grade, Taylor Elementary
Sharde Chandler, 2nd Grade, Arlington Science Focus
Josh Jones, 4th Grade, Nottingham Elementary
Oscar Monjaras, 5th Grade, Randolph Elementary
Zack Petrov, 3rd Grade, Campbell Elementary
Rebecca Lee Settlemyer, 1st Grade, Glebe Elementary


Books are a bed for a story.
When you close it,
it is still there.
It does not go anywhere.

David Thissen, Kindergarten
McKinley Elementary School

Hand Sanitizer

It cleans my hands.
Squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt.
Rub, rub, rub, rub.
Now I am ready for lunch!

Aminata Davis, Kindergarten
McKinley Elementary School


It has a yellow suit
A pink top hat
Black toes tapping the paper
With periods that go
Tap, tap, tap.
Spelling words like dancing
On a flower or ice rink.
They need a hand
To teach them cursive.

Grace Miller, 2nd Grade
Arlington Science Focus School

Bad Equations

Shark+swimming pool=shark in the pool!
The Devil+voodoo=End of conversation,
I am freaked out!

Ryan "Ashby" Shores, Jr., 4th Grade
Arlington Science Focus School


Dancing across cloudy white paper
A thin gray line of lead
The pencil dances gracefully
Writing in German or in French

Emma Lilianne Tyler, 4th Grade
Nottingham Elementary School

My Old Sneakers

One day I saw my old sneakers lying on the ground,
all twisted up in a bunch of knotswith many things around.
I stood there and thought and thought. They reminded me
of many things. Learning to ride my bike, when my tiny
little fingers could barely make it around the handlebars.
Reading my first book "Green Eggs and Ham."
Seeing my baby brother's face when he was born.
Winning the C.M.L. competition with a big "Hooray!"
Making my Mom's favorite recipe, apple pie, mmmmmm.
My old sneakers make me happy!

Hannah Ford, 4th Grade
Arlington Science Focus School

Metro Station

gab, blab, talk
vroom, zoom, walk
All aboard!
Away we go
into tunnels of darkness

Sarah Aguirre, 5th Grade
McKinley Elementary School


I hear crows squawk
        as the night worries on.
I smell the thin taste of evening's supper.
I see blackness cover me as I slowly creep
        through the night.
I feel my heart pump as I canter
        through the black dark of night,
thump, thump, thump.

Neil Mockler, 7th Grade
Thomas Jefferson Middle School


Under his top hat,
Somber as an undertaker,
Come lugubrious masterpieces.

His melodies pierce
My soul.

The tippity-tappity of his piano
Soothes me to sleep.

Bruno Fernandez, 8th Grade
Kenmore Middle School

Midnight Harlem Birds Fly

Cheerful, spreading wings -
Scats, jazz nesting in night clubs
Bee's knees, the Duke is

Gabrielle Peña, 8th Grade
Kenmore Middle School

The Last Supply of Sunlight

you stare up at the sky
watching a bird get hit by a bus and cry
out in pain while
descending in the last supply
of bright sunlight.

Anaca Florimon-Reed, 8th Grade
Gunston Middle School


Each step I take in life,
People change.
Friends you used to talk to
Fade away,
Like the Winter Fog.
Drifting slowly past them,
Barely noticeable
Like a Spirit wandering
Through the dark mysterious

Phuc Nguyen, 8th Grade
Kenmore Middle School



Pink is nice and lacy,
Always careful, never hasty.
Pink is a bow on bobbing curls,
Mostly worn on giggly girls.
Pink is prim, perfect and trim.
Pink is big not small, standing out always tall.
Pink is a tinkling laugh,
Sprinkling the room with shiny glass.
Pink is not just a color,
It's alive!

Catherine Burke, 5th Grade
Taylor Elementary School

They Both

They both hold
My hand.
They both tuck
Me in.
They both kiss
Me goodnight.
They both spend
Time with me.
They both
Love me!

Sharde Chandler, 2nd Grade
Arlington Science Focus School


I am a green balloon
They say I'm as shiny as the moon
When I'm in the air
It feels so fair
I get taken good care
I've even been to a fair.

Josh Jones, 4th Grade
Nottingham Elementary School

Staple Problems

If I were you I wouldn't get
Close to a staple.
They are not able to control themselves
Because they want to just
and never stay tight.

I feel bad for paper because
The staple always punches it.
So don't get close
Or it might punch you.

Oscar Monjaras, 5th Grade
Randolph Elementary School


Like a turtle
the moon walks, watching
like a hawk.

It sits looking
at the stars
and when done,
silently moves on.

Zack Petrov, 3rd Grade
Campbell Elementary School

Pencil Sharpener

Grinding up the lead inside of
boring bee. Buzzing buzzing
as it does. Stingers go round and

Rebecca Lee Settlemyer, 1st Grade
Glebe Elementary School