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ART - Arlington Transit is Arlington’s local bus service which is provided by Arlington County, Virginia. ART is committed to the people we serve and is honored to serve Arlington residents, commuters, businesses, schools, and visitors on our buses each day. ART buses operate on clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and are fully ADA accessible with wheelchair ramps and priority seating. Through this ecofriendly and accessible transportation solution, ART improves the quality of life within our community by moving and connecting people throughout Arlington and to the Washington Metropolitan Area and reducing traffic congestion. Every year, millions of riders use ART as a stress-free solution to get to work, school, shopping, restaurants, medical appointments, and connect with the rest of the region.

    Transit Advisory Committee

    The Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) reviews transit services provided in Arlington County, including ART, STAR, Metrobus, Metrorail, MetroAccess, and Virginia Railway Express. The TAC is a fifteen-member committee appointed by the County Manager. Learn more about the TAC and its Transit Advisory Accessibility Subcommittee.

    Transit ITS and Security Program

    Arlington County’s Transit Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Security Program is dedicated to the installation and maintenance of technology to improve transit operations and rider information systems and to identify and mitigate agency security and safety issues. Arlington is committed to implementing technologies that make your transit trips faster, easier and more reliable. Learn more about the Transit ITS and Security Program.

    Real-Time Delivery Performance Study (PDF) -- This study was conducted to fill the gap in recent market research on what Arlington transit riders want and expect in terms of real-time information delivery.

    Photo: ART bus at Shirlington Bus Station