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Service AlertsLengthy Pentagon Construction Project Expected to Cause Delays: Bus lanes @Pentagon Transit Center will be down to one lane with alternating traffic starting March 1, 2023 until July. This will cause delays on ART 42 & 87. View all ART Alerts

How to Ride for Students

The iRide program provides Arlington students with information and tools to help make riding the bus, Metrorail, biking and walking around Arlington easier. Look for the iRide kiosk at your school for map and information for the buses that serve the surrounding area.

Student Discount

  • Arlington elementary, middle and high school students can ride the ART bus for free with a Student iRide SmarTrip card.
  • The Student iRide SmarTrip card lets Arlington K-12 students ride the ART bus for for free, and if value is added, also works on Metrobus, Metrorail and other regional bus systems for the regular fare. It works just like a regular SmarTrip card and fare is automatically deducted when the card is tapped on the fare box. Students can get the card at any Commuter Store or through the Transportation Coordinator (TC) located onsite at their school. You must have a valid Arlington County student ID and fill out the registration form (PDF) at the time of purchase.
  • Have questions? Check out the iRide SmarTrip Card FAQs for more info..

Graphic: Student iRide SmarTrip Card artwork

Getting to School

Find out how to get to your school using transit, biking or walking. Click on the neighborhood map link to see which bus stops, Metro stops and Capital Bikeshare stations are close to your destination. The maps also provide arrival times for when the next bus or train will arrive at your stop.

Middle Schools

Dorothy Hamm Car-Free Transportation Options                                                                                                 Bus Service to Dorothy Ham: ART 53, ART 55, ART 62 

GunstonCar-Free Transportation Options                                                                                                            Bus Service to Gunston: ART 87 DASH: 103, 36A, 36B Metrobus: 10A, 10B, 23B

JeffersonCar-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to Thomas Jefferson: ART 41, Metrobus 10B, 23B

KenmoreCar-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to Kenmore: ART 75

SwansonCar-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to Swanson:  Metrobus 2A

WilliamsburgCar-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to Williamsburg: ART 52, Metrobus 23T 

High Schools

Arlington CommunityCar-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to Arlington Community:  ART 41, ART 42, ART 45, ART 74, ART 77 Metrobus 10B, 16C, 16G, 16H

Bishop O'Connell High SchoolCar-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to Bishop O'Connell:  ART 52, ART 53

WakefieldCar-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to Wakefield: ART 75 DASH 31

Washington-Liberty – Car-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to W-L: ART 42, ART 51, ART 52ART 72, ART 75, Metrobus 23B, 23T, 38B

YorktownCar-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to Yorktown: ART 51, ART 52, ART 55

Other Secondary Programs

Arlington Career Center – Car-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to Career Center: ART 41ART 45ART 77 Metrobus 10B, 16A, 16C, 16G, 16H,

Langston/New DirectionsCar-Free Transportation Options
Bus Service to New Directions: ART 51, ART 52, ART 55, ART 72

The Heights Building (H-B Woodlawn & Eunice Kennedy Shriver ProgramCar-Free Transportation Options   Bus Service to the Heights Building: ART 41, ART 43, ART 45, ART 55, ART 61, ART 62, ART 77                  Metrobus: 38B, 3Y, 4B Metrorail: Rosslyn, Court House

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