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Opinion: To improve health outcomes, invest in public transit
In addition to greenhouse gases, “Conventional cars, trucks and buses also emit fine particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide, all of which are associated with respiratory irritation, infection, and chronic disease.”
Diana Ionescu, March 3, 2024, Planetizen
WMATA Chief Randy Clarke joins Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton at State of the Union, signaling strong support for D.C. public transit
Norton's invitation to Clarke, who took the helm of WMATA in July 2022, is more than a symbolic gesture; it is a declaration of the ongoing commitment to ensure that the metro system remains a reliable and accessible transportation option.
Emmanuel Abara Benson, March 2, 2024, BNN
Safety commission orders DC Metrorail to address certification issues for operators
The report issued Wednesday by the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission requires Metrorail to identify in the next 30 days employees who do not meet certification requirements to operate trains in normal and emergency situations.
Trains Staff, February 29, 2024,
Biden-Harris Administration sends another $9.9 billion from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to transit agencies across the country
The funding will help communities maintain and operate trains, buses, and ferries; upgrade stations and tracks; plan and design new transit corridors; and provide access for seniors and riders with disabilities.
February 29, 2024,
Will AI revolutionize or reverse public transit?
Through advanced monitoring and predictive analytics, as well as passenger occupancy tools, AI systems can identify potential risks, contributing to a safer travel environment. 
Ann Derby, March 1st, 2023, Metro Magazine
Fairfax Connector service suspension remains through the week, hurting riders
Ronald Mercado, an engineer in McLean, told DC News Now that the suspended service is impacting several of his coworkers who don’t live near Metro stops. For Mercado, the suspension adds a 20-minute walk to each leg of his commute.
Hayley Milon, February 29, 2024, DC News Now
MDOT MTA launches Zero-Emission Bus Pilot Program
The pilot program is part of the MTA’s planned conversion to a zero-emission bus fleet and reinforces the Moore-Miller Administrations’ commitment to its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent by 2031 and achieving 100 percent clean energy by 2035. 
February 29, 2024, Mass Transit Magazine
Metro unveils 2024 cherry blossom designs for trains, buses and SmarTrip cards
The cards will become available March 15 and can only be purchased at select stations: Metro Center, Navy Yard, L’Enfant Plaza and Smithsonian.
Jordan Young, February 29, 2024, NBC4 Washington
Northern Virginia transit workers' strike enters second week after union and company negotiations fail
As of last Wednesday, 638 bus drivers, mechanics, utility, facility workers and clerks have been on strike, the largest in the Washington D.C. transit system since 2019. 
Dominic Gustavo/Leon Gutierrez, February 29, 2024,
DMV commuters share concerns ahead of possible Metro price hikes
As 7News has reported, Metro charges based on how far a rider travels, and under the proposal all riders - except those enrolled in a low-income fare program - would see at least a 25-cent increase in the cost of every trip.
Lianna Golden, February 28, 2024, ABC7 News
Alexandria Amtrak station is the second busiest in the Southeastern United States
Alexandria Union Station had 327,285 Amtrak passengers in 2023, behind Richmond at 424,617.The third-highest ridership in the region was in Charlotte, North Carolina, with 281,220 riders. The next highest in Virginia was the Norfolk station at 232,530 riders.
Vernon Miles, February 28, 2024, ALXNow
Safety watchdog: Some Metro train operators may not have knowledge, skills to safely operate trains
The report found that Metro is listing some train operators as being “certified” even though they have not demonstrated they can handle certain dangerous situations, including when smoke fills train cars.
Nick Iannelli, February 28, 2024, WTOP
How fair and viable is free transit?
As federal funds that supported some pandemic-era free transit programs wind down, transit agencies must evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of free fare programs. 
Diana Ionescu, February 27, 2024, Planetizen
Metro may raise fares, close stations as they face $750M budget deficit
There’s also a survey where you can provide public comments online here. Feedback must be provided by Tuesday, March 5 at 5 p.m.
Joy Wang, February 28, 2024, ABC7 News
Fairfax Connector says bus system will be suspended for seventh day due to strike
Workers with the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689, which represents more than 700 bus drivers and mechanics, have been at odds with Transdev, which operates the Fairfax Connector bus line.
Leonard N. Fleming, February 27, 2024, DC News Now
Rail construction impacting Blue, Orange, and Silver lines with two stations closed, single track on Red Line
During the weekend of March 2 and March 3, Metro will close two stations – Benning Road and Capitol Heights - on the Blue and Silver lines for construction, with service adjustments on the Orange Line as well. 
February 27, 2024, WMATA
Bipartisan legislation would improve pedestrian safety
The Save Our Pedestrians Act of 2024 would require five percent of funding appropriated to states through the Highway Safety Improvement Program be used for projects that reduce the number of injuries and fatalities at high-risk pedestrian crossings.
Melina Druga, February 27, 2024, Transportation Today
FTA awards $631M to 3 transit agencies for new rail cars
The grants will fund the procurement of 300 commuter, light and heavy rail cars to replace older vehicles, providing safer and more modern transportation.
Dan Zukowski, February 26, 2024, Smart Cities Dive
Metro riders urge board to keep service levels during first public budget hearing
Many people expressed their frustration with the steep budget shortfall Metro is seeing, urging board members to make sure that there are no service cuts as it relates to especially those with disabilities.
Daniel Hamburg, February 26, 2024, DC News Now
Bikeshare Beat: Capital Bikeshare plows through the snow in January
Users of the cycling system once again showed a slight preference for e-bikes, which made up 51.2% of all trips in January. 
Samuel Littauer, February 26, 2024, Greater Greater Washington
Metro's safety boost: increased police patrols on trains and buses
Special police officers will be seen walking on trains and buses to offer a sense of security and address illegal activities in real time; train intercom announcements will notify customers of officers actively patrolling on board.
February 26, 2024, Source of the Spring
Public transit ridership continues post-COVID bounce back
Some four years later, public transit agencies are still adjusting to new ridership habits caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. After falling to 20% of pre-pandemic levels in April 2020, ridership on U.S. transit agencies is now at about 77% of pre-pandemic levels
Alex Roman, February 22, 2024, Metro Magazine
Fairfax Connector suspends bus service as workers go on strike
Due to the walk-off, Fairfax Connector has suspended service on 93 of its routes, starting at 9 a.m. The bus system serves approximately 26,000 passengers daily, according to its website.
Angela Woolsey, February 22, 2024, Inside NOVA
Metro enhances safety with increased police patrols on trains and buses, more than 30,000 cameras in use systemwide
To supplement this effort, Metro is also utilizing more than 30,000 cameras on buses, trains, and in stations, making it possible for MTPD to respond to incidents and emergencies faster. 
February 21, 2024, WMATA
New federal program will provide $250M to advance multimodal solutions
The program will provide funding to projects that improve coordination with transit, optimize existing highway capacity and transit systems, reduce highway congestion and the economic and environmental costs associated with congestion, and encourage other modes of travel.
Melina Druga, February 22, 2024, Transportation Today
The infrastructure law could increase transportation emissions
Critics say highway expansion creates induced demand and contributes to increased carbon emissions. 
Diana Ionescu, February 21, 2024, Planetizen
FTA awards $213 million to Maryland Transit Administration to replace aging light-rail vehicles
The grant will support the MTA's efforts to replace all 52 aging light-rail vehicles in its fleet with new, modern railcars. 
February 21, 2024, Mass Transit Magazine
Metro sign program expansion aims to makebus, rail navigation easier for riders
In documents released this week, Metro said it plans to expand the testing of the new signs. Soon, both Metro Center and Gallery Place are expected to receive some similar signs, and in the spring, Rosslyn will begin receiving all the same types of signs as at L’Enfant Plaza.
Tom Roussey, February 21, 2024, WJLA
Would Baltimore be better off with a regional transit authority?
The woes riders face go so far beyond a general sense of public transportation stagnation that local advocates gave the MTA a D+ grade on its performance in 2023. 
Wyatt Gordon, February 21, 2024, Greater Greater Washington
Fairfax Connector operators and mechanics go on strike; buses could be delayed or canceled
Lynn said the union will be on strike “as long as necessary” to get a fair contract. They’re fighting for retirement security.
Grace Newton, February 22, 2024, WTOP
Emissions dropped in 2023 for first time since pandemic, new data show
In its latest Sustainable Energy in America report released early Wednesday, the research organization reported that the United States emitted 6.2 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, a 1.8% drop from the year before, with emissions falling in almost every sector except transportation. 
Nancy Vu, February 21, 2024, Washington Examiner
Opinion: It's time for a Metro reset
Our region needs Metro. That is a fact. Metro is also in desperate need of financial restructuring and accountability. That too is a fact. 
Terry Clower/Jonathan Aberman/Jason Stanford, February 21, 2024, Washington Business Journal
Metro faces deficit in proposed budget that may cause changes to rider experience
The first budget proposal outlined the closure of ten low ridership stations for the Metrorail, the elimination of services on 67 of the 135 Metrobus routes — 50 percent of the whole bus system — and reduced service to another 41 bus routes. A 20 percent increase in fares was also proposed. 
Mackenzie Konjoyan, February 21, 2024, The Eagle
How transportation policy impacts public health
One expert calls for collaboration between agencies in different fields to plan more thoughtfully for public health and equity.
Diana Ionescu, February 21, 2024, Planetizen
Infrastructure law may increase transportation's GHG emissions as states spend more on highways
The White House is also expected to delay the transition to electric vehicles in a revision to the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed emissions regulation.
Dan Zukowski, February 20, 2024, Smart Cities Dive
Fairfax County seeks commuter input on Route 29 corridor improvements
The survey will help the county identify multi-modal solutions to support increased development in the area, according to Fairfax County Transportation Planning Section Chief Michael Garcia.
James Jarvis, February 20, 2024, FFXNow
Metrorail capital expansion: The transit future we need and deserve
To make our region’s modeshare transit-first, not car-first, WMATA will, in the long-term, need to combine its great service with new Metrorail lines and stations that fill gaps in the existing network.
Nick Sementelli, February 20, 2024, Greater Greater Washington
CDC report finds 5.7 percent of adults lacked reliable transportation
The CDC’s analysis found in 2022, 5.7 percent of adults lacked reliable transportation for daily living in the past 12 months.
Mischa Wanek-Libman, February 20, 2024, Mass Transit Magazine
Virginia Senate budget omits Metro funding, arena deal as Northern Virginia leaders gear up for negotiations
The competing plans are the starting points in budget negotiations between the house and senate — negotiations which may also take into account Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s original proposal. 
Margaret Barthel, February 19, 2024, DCist

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