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Service AlertsFace Coverings Required on ART Buses: For your safety and the safety of others, all passengers are required to wear face masks or face coverings while using ART. View all ART Alerts

Service AlertsART 41, 42, 45, 51, 55, 77 & 87 Operating Saturday Sechedules: ART 43 is running every 20 minutes. Passengers should board buses through rear doors. Fare collection is suspended. Learn more at View all ART Alerts

Service AlertsART 72 & 75 Returning to Weekday Service June 29: ART 72 & 75 will return to weekday service on 6/29. ART 72 will run a modified schedule and ART 75 will run regular weekday service. Learn more and view the modified ART 72 schedule at View all ART Alerts


ART offers a wide range of fares for a variety of needs. Fares can be paid with a SmarTrip card, 7-Day Regional Bus Pass (loaded on a SmarTrip card), or cash. If you ride ART and Metrobus on a regular basis, you may consider purchasing a 7-Day Regional Bus Pass, available at The Commuter Store, which offers convenience and savings.

ART fare decal - fares and transfers in a table
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Regular Fare $2.00

  • Payment types: SmarTrip® card or cash
  • Virginia Hospital Center-Arlington employees with hospital ID ride free on ART 51 and ART 52 only
  • Free transfers for two hours with SmarTrip card

Acceptable Cash Fare:

  • Coins: Nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, dollar coins
  • Bills: $1, $2, $5, $10
  • No change is available on ART buses
  • No refunds or exchanges on fares

Where to Buy SmarTrip Cards and Passes

Purchase SmarTrip Card Online From

Reload SmarTrip Card Online

Discounted Fares

Children Under Five Ride Free

  • Free ride for all children under five

Virginia Hospital Center Employees

  • Virginia Hospital Center employees with hospital ID ride Free on ART 51 and ART 52 ONLY

Senior Discount

  • The fare for Senior citizens and people with disabilities with a Senior SmarTrip card or proper ID is $1.00. The discounted fare will automatically be charged to the Senior/Disabled SmarTrip card. Senior citizens can also show any ID that shows their date of birth or a Medicare card.
  • Payment types
    • Senior SmarTrip Card (The discounted fare will automatically be charged
    • Senior citizens paying by cash can also show any ID that shows their date of birth, or a Medicare card

Persons With Disabilities Ride Free

  • Free ride with a MetroAccess Photo ID Card

iRide Student Discount

  • Arlington County elementary, middle and high school students receive a $1.00 discounted fare when paying with cash or using a Student iRide SmarTrip card. Students must have a school ID if paying by cash.
  • More about iRide


Customers using SmarTrip cards get free or discounted transfers within a two-hour time period between ART buses, Metrobuses and Metrorail. Discounts are:

  • Transferring from ART to Metrorail or Metrorail to ART: 50 cent discount
  • Transferring from ART to ART or ART to/from Metrobus: Free
  • Transfers from Fairfax County, Loudoun County, DASH, OmniRide and DC Circulator may require an additional fare.