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Bike on ART

Each ART bus has a two-place bike rack that will hold standard length bicycles. Bikes ride free with the ART passenger. 

Watch this short video to see how to use the bike rack on the front of the ART bus.

How To Use The Racks

1) Make sure the bus has stopped and the driver sees you before you step in front of the bus.

2) Grab the handle and pull up. Squeeze the top handle and swing the rack down. You only need to use one hand to unlatch and pull the bike rack down, so you can hold your bike with your other hand. It is not necessary to lean your bike against the bus.

Photo: Deploying bike carrier on front of ART bus

Photo: Close-up of handle Close-up of handle

3) Lower the rack to the carrying position.

Photo: Rack in lowered position

4) Lift your bike onto the rack and into the slot for the wheels. Load bike with the front wheel toward the support arm. The support arm should be at the bottom of the front wheel of the bike.

Photo: Loading bike onto rack

Photo: Close-up of wheel holder

5) Pull up the spring-loaded support arm and put it over the front wheel. The support arm adds lateral support for the bike when the bus is in motion, and is required. The support arm should be positioned so that the hook rests on the front tire, as high as possible. The bike is now secured for travel. Get in the bus.

Photo: Holder placed over front wheel

Tip: don't leave anything on the bike that might blow off in the wind, or bounce off when the bus hits a bump.

Photo: Bike on bike rack

6) As you exit the bus, remind the driver that you will be removing your bicycle.

7) Lower the spring-loaded bar from the tire and lift your bicycle off the rack.

8) Swing the rack up if it's empty.

9) Go to the nearest curb. Wave to let the driver know you and your bicycle are clear of the bus.

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