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Service AlertsRear Boarding and Free Fares Due to COVID-19: Bus riders will enter and exit all ART buses using the rear doors only. Customers who require the use of a wheelchair ramp can still enter the bus through the front door. Fare collection will be suspended on all ART buses. Learn more at View all ART Alerts

Service AlertsEast Falls Church, Virginia Square and Clarendon Metro Stations Closing on March 26: Starting Thursday, March 26, Metro will be closing the East Falls Church, Virginia Square and Clarendon Metro stations. This will impact riders of ART 41, 42, 55 and 77. Buses will stop at/near these stations, but riders will not be able to enter the stations to access Metrorail. Learn more at View all ART Alerts

Moving Words Poetry Program

Moving Words is a program that makes poetry a part of daily life for commuters riding ART. The poems of ten Arlington Public Schools students and six metro-area adult poets will be displayed on ART buses throughout the year for bus riders to read and enjoy.

From October through March the poems of ten Arlington Public Schools students are selected for display through a partnership with the Arlington Public Schools Humanities Project. From April through September the poems of six local poets are featured. The poems displayed are selected through an annual competition with a deadline in January.

The Moving Words program started in 1999 during National Poetry Month. The program is run by the Cultural Affairs Division of the Arlington County Economic Development Department and is sponsored in part by Arlington Transit.

For more information and to receive submission guidelines, please visit the Arlington Arts website or call 703-228-1854 (TDD: 711).

2018 Poems

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