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Moving Words 2006 Student Poems


Bus Feelings

When it’s a rainy, gloomy day
I get on the bus and the gloom fades away.
On the bus it’s peaceful and calm
It’s not loud, no one’s singing songs.
Then I have a great big sigh
Now I get off the bus, it makes me cry.
You see when I’m on a bus,
There is no fuss,
So next time you feel something’s wrong
Get on a bus where you belong!

Lydia Cawley
3rd Grade, Arlington Science Focus School

Yo pertenezco

Yo pertenezco a mi familia.
Yo pertenezco a mi familia Latina
Me gusta su comida
como el arroz con milanesa.
Tamales, tacos y mazamora
Yo pertenezco a mis primos jugando fútbol.
Yo pertenezco a mi tia Rita, dándome besos y
abrazos que son muy ricos.

Ahi pertenezco yo ahi ahi ahi…

Kiara Garcia
4th Grade, Key Elementary School

Fly Away

My life melts away on a cold December day
As I look up to the sky and see my kite flying oh so high.
All my worries—gone
But they won’t be gone for long
They’ll be back again. Maybe I’ll write a love song then.
Oh, the kite is like a god, while here I’m reduced to trod
Oh how I’d like to fly, Oh so high up in the sky
But then I stop and think
And god gives me a little wink
For I start to wonder—what happens if there’s thunder?

Matthew Griffith
6th Grade, H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program

The Starfish

All Krill aboard
Time for the digestive system express
Munch Munch
Who’s for lunch
Krill of course
With fried seahorse
Crab cake with fish pancake
Yum all for lunch to munch

Priya Kral
2nd Grade, Arlington Science Focus School

Tasting Gray

I roll the soft gray walls of my room around in my mind,
Trying, wanting to keep the peaceful night
Silent, muffled morning shines through
The soft white blinds, glowing palely with dawn

Susannah Lui
7th Grade, Kenmore Middle School


Full speed
Seeing fish
Splashing waves
Breezing in my face
Soaking me
Here we goooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack F. Matechak
2nd Grade, McKinley Elementary School

I Wish I Were…

I wish I were
a Red Thunder Power Ranger
under the blue, blue sea.
I would be strong as a church steeple,
fighting rotten egg bad guys,
making the world safe as shrimp.

Neil Bucci Mockler
3rd Grade, Ashlawn Elementary School

Nothing But September

The empty chair sings melancholy
where he leaned upon the wall
and where he placed his feet; they rallied
to rhythms I can no further recall
We feel into a memory slide
waking up to chills of downed winter
and nostalgically descending sighs
only to awake to the cold and bitter
and find that we remember
nothing but September

Kathleen Riley
Graduated 2006, Washington-Lee High School


Ever turning
The wheel that moves us all
No snags,
No crags,
It keeps to itself
Just churning the waters of life

Sydney Schrider
9th Grade, Thomas Jefferson High School


Sitting on my bed
My window is open
and so is my book.
The windowsill is damp from
the falling raindrops
But while most of me is
inside the book,
my ears remain
listening to the rain.

Magdalen Silberman
10th Grade, Wakefield High School

The Day Goes By

The sun throws off its quilt of stars as night melts away
The wind whispers to the sea
Telling a tale of dawn dancing across the sky
Morning dew coats the fresh ground
Suddenly the moon leaps into the sky and the sun pulls on its starry blanket
The wind howls
The sea is choppy
You listen as the crickets chirp and you slowly fall asleep in darkness’s warm embrace

Kathryn Wirtz
7th Grade, Kenmore Middle School