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Moving Words 1999 Student Poems

The student poems below have been chosen to be displayed on Arlington Metrobuses October - December 1999.

Big Blue Snake

Big blue snake
slithering slowly
in the afternoon
in outer space
to find stars

Stephen Delli Priscoli, Kindergarten,
Arlington Science Focus School

My Hand is Like

My hand is like a lightning bolt
My feet are like jaguars,
My chest is like a brick wall,
My eyes are a solar beam,
I live in a modem,
and eat websites and e-mail.

Caleb Taylor, 2nd Grade
Arlington Science Focus School

My Yard

While walking
I’m amazed
As I stare at the trees.
They seem so large
That they make shadows on my house.
My yard looks like a forest!
It surprises me
That I am so little
Against the trees.

Quentin Kelly, 3rd Grade
Drew Model School

The Room on That Day

The room on that day,
With them in it,
Brings light out of them,
Mother and infant.
Bounces it off every corner
And then brings it back to them,
Those two, one cradled in the other.

Tess Michelitch, 5th Grade
McKinley Elementary School


When I sail, I feel free.
As the blue boat glides across the dark waters,
As the white sails billow in the changing wind.
“Hard starboard!” my father yells as I say to myself, “the wind has changed her mood”
We swing right and the sails are quiet.
All at once, the sails blow up and form a big white bowl.
We end the day and our boat motors back to the dock,
Mumbling to herself.
I let loose the white sails,
And they float down to the damp deck.

Elizabeth Minchew, 5th Grade
Jamestown Elementary School


Where saints and saviors
Are caffeinated drinks and needles
Where street corner angels fold their wings
And sleep on the sidewalk
Where I feel too small
To leave even a memory of myself
Among cigarette butts
And factories.

Rhiannon Antweiler, 11th Grade
Wakefield High School