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Moving Words 2002 Student Poems

The student poems below have been chosen to be displayed on Arlington Metrobuses from January through March, 2002.


Forked tongue
Slithering, hissing, striking
King of camouflage

Connor Currie
Kindergarten, Nottingham Elementary School


Look, the hawk
In the land of the dead,
Searching for its prey.

Cameron Williams
Grade 4, Drew Model School


Empty space is so silent and lonely
There is no sound but my breath
The colors I see are black
and white
The stars are white
The emptiness is black,
It is as dark as the night
and I am as free as the planets.

Mauricio Moreno
Grade 7, Kenmore Middle School


Doo Doo Dat Dat goes the trumpet in the black and white suit
Sa Sa Zoo goes the sax with the green hat
Dit Dit Deee goes the pianist with the instrument that is as shiny as anything
Ba Ba Do Do Da Dat CRASH goes the drummer with the sweat on his forehead
Baw Baaaw goes the trombonist with the glass of ice water
Put them together, and you’ve got the perfect Big Band.

Gabriella LaRocca
Grade 8, Swanson Middle School


First I bought you candies,
But you ignored me.
Then I bought you flowers,
But you ignored me.
Then I bought you presents,
And you still ignored me.
Then I bought a car,
But you still refuse it.
Then I opened my heart to you,
And now you’re finally mine!

Savoeun Mao
Grade 8, Kenmore Middle School


Can you hear the nightingale?
He is singing in the pear tree,
In the pear tree outside my window,
He is singing to the stars and listening to the answers.
In the oceans of dreams I wait,
Until the twilight of tomorrow.
And there will be another nightingale,
Singing in the pear tree,
Singing me to sleep, and listening to the answers
Of the stars.

Lorna Schadeberg
Grade 8, Swanson Middle School

The student poems below have been chosen to be displayed on Arlington Metrobuses from October through December, 2002.


Blue is the color of the sky.
Blue smells like cotton candy.
Blue makes me think of the pool.
Blue is the sound of a blue jay.
Blue looks like the deep blue sea.
Blue tastes like blueberries.
Blue feels like a blue whale.

Lisa Konort
2nd grade, Jamestown Elementary School


Running in the den
Is a little white rabbit
Eating carrot pie.

Rachel Wimmer
2nd Grade, Arlington Science Focus School


One red flower,
Stands so pretty,
Straight and tall,
Not creased by the wind,
With plenty of life to spend
Before the winter bends
And crumples its will to live.
One red flower
Gives others the will to live.

Rachel Locke
4th Grade, Tuckahoe Elementary School


Fire is like love
But not all the time.

Sally Solis
4th Grade, Drew Model School


I stand outside the rusty gates,
The dusted woods behind me,
The old gray house brings memories
Of my childhood.

Laura Steele-Hick
6th Grade, Swanson Middle School


People can look blindly
At the beauty right before them,
Knowing something is there but unable to care,
Trapped in the torrents of their thoughts
As a cloud drifts overhead.

Rebecca Grace Fearing
8th Grade, Swanson Middle School