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Moving Words 2007 Student Poems


The sun tells a story
The moon listens to the story
The wind guides the story
Leaves touch the story
Animals love the story
I finish the story

Ben Drucker
7th Grade
Kenmore Middle School

Nature’s Words

A boy is hidden
in the bushes.
He is listening to the poetry the leaves make
when they rustle.
Their voices never get old

Kyle T. Conway
7th Grade
Kenmore Middle School

My Pencil

As my pencil writes
A wonderful story forms
Words pour out slowly

Annie Hatcher
5th Grade
Arlington Traditional School

Growing Flowers

Colorful spring comes,
Flowers struggle from the ground,
They open and bloom.
Butterflies and bees
Arrive to drink sweet nectar
And leave with summer.
Autumn dances in,
The flowers wilt to the ground
Leaving seeds behind.

Nolan Kataoka
5th Grade
Arlington Traditional School


Sometimes I’m as quiet
As a mouse.
Sometimes I’m as loud
As a rhinoceros charging.
Sometimes I’m as mad
As a volcano erupting.
Sometimes I’m as kind
As a mother bird feeding her young.

Dominique Maderal
3rd Grade
Drew Model School

Sled Dogs

A brutal snow storm rages
The dog’s feet beat the ground
The dark gray sky looms above
But the dogs are strong
They are fast and have great agility
I am not worried
Because they are sled dogs.
Suddenly on the horizon
I see a glimmer of light
Now I know the sled dogs have carried me home.

Ksenia Neubert
6th Grade
HB Woodlawn

El Pavo Real

Tus plumas son largas y finas,
tu cuello es verde tan verde como un árbol.
Tus ojos son más brillantes que la luna,
y tu cola es como un arco iris.
Pertenezco a ti, porque tú me haces sonreír
cuando tú abres tus alas.

Cassandra Pham
4th Grade
Key Elementary


sliding, shifting,
a million colored dots
pouring down a hole never to be seen again.
As every drop slips I become older,
I hold out my hands to stop the beads of life,
but they push on
rushing through my fingers,
my childhood slipping away before me.

Libby Parker-Simkin
7th Grade
Kenmore Middle School

Little Pearls

Little pearls fall from the sky
and shatter as they hit the ground.
Tip tap on the window pane
soon becomes thump, thump on the roof.
The Earth drinks in these little jewels,
and soaks in the warm light coming up from behind the clouds.

May Stearman
7th Grade
Kenmore Middle School


Sitting by the warm fire together
Ironing each other’s sweaters
Silently singing to one another
Tempting to play in the sunset and
Eager to tuck each other into bed
Remembering the good times
Hiding behind the sisterhood tree
Over the everlasting hills
Out of the darkened world
Daring to be together forever.

Enkhjin Tuvshinzaya
6th Grade
Swanson Middle School


Books shine
With your story

Duncan Wieland
2nd Grade
Arlington Science Focus School

The Universe is My Dad

The universe is my dad.
The nebulas are my mom.
The planets are my brothers
and the stars are my sisters.
The galaxies are my uncles and aunts.
The comets are my best friends.
When I stargaze, I play with the comets.
The emptiness of deep space is my home.
But no matter if it is daytime or nighttime,
the universe will always be there.

Samuel Wolfe
4th Grade
McKinley Elementary