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Moving Words 2005 Student Poems


There once was a boy who could eat all day.
He did not bother to run around or play—
Just sat at the table eating all kinds of things,
Like pizza, salads and onion rings.
He ate omelets, cheeseburgers, pasta and pie.
He ate cakes that could easily touch the sky!
Truffles, tarts, candy and more...
Guess who is not able to squeeze through the door!

Katya Dajani
Grade 3, Nottingham Elementary School


Yo tengo una perra y se llama Flora,
le gusta comer moras y salta cuando lloras.

Malcolm Maloney
Grade 3, Key Elementary School


Gulls glide swiftly over the umbrella,
Salt air drifts behind my back,
Waves break through the wind,
Breeze pushes my hair in multi-directions,
Salt water slides over me as I dive through the waves.
My life will last forever as I lie in my chair and listen to the waves
Lapping against the sand.

Emily Mosher
Grade 4, Tuckahoe Elementary School


So soft is the cat, fur dirty white.
She wanders the streets all through the night.
Her bright amber eyes shine so brightly.
Her delicate pads step so lightly.
She walks silently on tired paws.
Used only for food are her sharp claws.
She walks just by night, never by day.
She is beautiful, she is a stray.

Claire Bobst
Grade 5, Tuckahoe Elementary School


How majestic, those bugs without stingers.
Making great noise; like rock-and-roll singers.
Buzzing, flying, bumping your head.
A stomp, a squish, oh no! It's dead.

Josh Eddy
Grade 5, Drew Model School


Hella cow on sitting pea
I've no idea what you said to me
It sounds like - mosh -
Or wit or brain
In any case,
It sounds the same
Fish and sometimes mad
Red and potato plaid
Too you fly,
Should we disgusting?

Ingrid Pierre
Grade 8, Kenmore Middle School


The peaceful river
Parallels the sky
When the city lights come on.

The tall, tall buildings
Pierce the sky
When the city lights come on.

And the child's mother
Sings a lullaby
When the city lights come on.

Claire Spaulding
Grade 1, McKinley Elementary School


Yo tengo un pajarito llamado Simón.
Es muy chiquito pero muy juguetón.

El canta para llamar la atención.
Pelea con marrón.
Pero no se asusten de mi pajarito Simón
Pues solo vive en mi corazón.

Fernando Ruiz
Grade 3, Key Elementary School


And friendly friends...
They all come to
Sunny ends.

Jeremy Nussbaum
Grade 3, Taylor Elementary School


Thurgood Marshall was born in Baltimore,
And African Americans were very poor.

Thurgood Marshall was born on July 2, 1908,
And he was fighting against hate.

Thurgood Marshall was born in July,
People would be crying when he would die.

Thurgood Marshall was famous for being the first African American judge,
We don't know if Thurgood Marshall liked fudge.

Angle Reyes
Grade 3, Tuckahoe Elementary School


French fries are smooshy and smash.
I don't believe they are quite classy.
When they fall on the floor and go splat,
They look like a hat that is flat.
On the grill they sizzle,
And on a plate they wizzle.
French fries make your mouth sing like a bee.
Don't you agree?

Jazmin Woodson
Grade 5, Drew Model School


I love to sit and eat candy
On a beach that's very sandy.
First I crunch
Then I munch.
I may not know that much, because I'm only seven
But I do know that candy has to be made in heaven.

Jade Zekan
Grade 5, Drew Model School