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Moving Words 2008 Student Poems

A Bad Day

I am feeling Picasso today
With my arms behind my back.
With my eye on my head
With my arm through my back
With my leg on my arm
I am feeling Picasso today.

Alison Ming Jones
1st Grade
Arlington Science Focus School


I can see only one thing,
And that is black,
The day will never come back.
I wonder what is out there,
Out beyond this black air.

My ears are strong,
My eyes are weak,
The beyond is what I seek.
All I see is darkness.

Sam Grimmelbein
5th Grade
Arlington Science Focus School

Wise Man

The wise man
Looks up into the sky
And is not afraid
To name all the constellations
But is afraid
To name a new one

Spencer Atkin
2nd Grade
Arlington Science Focus School

The Night Cycle

Night is when the prancing gold stars go out to dance
they dance by the sea, the waves crashing down like heavy footsteps keeping the beat
the sun peeks out of his thin wispy sheets to see what is going on
but by the time the boy had woken up the stars were nestled in their own galaxy of night

Laurel Bartalon
6th Grade
Kenmore Middle School

Tomorrow Well Deserved

What will I do on this tomorrow well deserved?
I may relax and fall into it.
Or I may let the day fall into me.
I will take activity at my leisure.
A thinker on the bed with my books and thoughts.
Being busy,
being idle,
being happy and free.
On this tomorrow well deserved.

Kyle T. Conway
7th Grade
Kenmore Middle School

The Song of the Forest

Child, come here
To the streams and the trees
Where the sun welcomes the bright days of spring
And bear awakens from his deep sleep
Child, child, come here

Yes, child, come to the wilderness
Where wolf serenades moon
And gentle deer
Runs for fear
Child, child, come here

Grace Maurer
5th Grade
Jamestown Elementary School


Little pink and talented fingers, on the verge to lift things they linger.

Shiny, smooth fingernails to stab and scratch they never fail.

All of the features of the marvelous hand, the most able creature in all the land.

Uses its spectacular skills only to my every whim.

Each finger acts as the most gifted limb.

It’s been with me through and through.

There are so many wonderful things that it can do.

Pick the ripest banana from the bunch; give the most evil man a mighty punch;

Squeeze and pry the greatest hug; swat at the most aggravating bug.

Whether rosy pink or black as ash, it is the most mighty possession I can lash.

Ellen Nye
5th Grade
Tuckahoe Elementary School

If you give a Wookie a Guitar

If you give a wookie a guitar he’ll eat it. Then,
chances are, he’ll ask for some milk. After he drinks the
milk, chances are, he’ll want to go to the movies. After
watching Kong Fu Panda ten times, chances are, he’ll
ask for a piece of corn. After he throws the corn at a
neighbor, chances are, he’ll ask for a guitar.

Timothy Fry
4th Grade
Arlington Traditional School


If…a dragon burned down my house,

Mom would cry.

If…the big boat we’re going on sank,

We would die.

If…the books I love could not be read,

My, oh my!

I could keep going with the if’s and why’s,


I dropped my pencil. Sigh!

Abby M. Fry
2nd Grade
Arlington Traditional School


I’ve seen the unseen,
a distance in the wild,
scurried away.
A glimpse I got.
Don’t know what it was.
I do know that its eyes
glittered with golden jewels.
Don’t know what it was,
a distance in the wild.

Bryanna McDermott
3rd Grade
Ashlawn Elementary School

The Cat

The cat stares into the open door,
I climb the stairs a little more.

Inside was darkness where she lures,
and in that darkness nothing stirs.

She turns her head and stares at me,
I turn my head like I do not see.

Chloe Rogers
4th Grade
Arlington Traditional School


Riddles are my pet, though they
run loose so many times. But I tame
them, find their answer. So, the hard
one is stone, but I care for it still. It
is as simple as me, but I am not very
simple. No, I’m quite complicated.
But never mind. Riddles are easiest
when you love them.

Charlotte Maskelony
3rd Grade
Glebe Elementary School