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Moving Words 2004 Student Poems


One elephant stomped in the sun.
Two eagles flew in the sky.
Three whales swam and splashed.
Four tigers tumbled and played.
Five gorillas swung and swung.
We’re counting animals, one to five,
But how can we keep them all alive?

Elijah B. Locke
Kindergarten, Tuckahoe Elementary School


Anger is red
it sounds like a fire engine
it smells like a fire cracker
it tastes like jalapeno pepper
it looks like jagged flames
anger feels like a sharp knife

Oliver De la Via
5th Grade, Barcroft Elementary School


Martin Luther King, Jr.
Billy Holiday
Rosa Parks
Malcolm X
Sojourner Truth
Harriet Tubman
All of these people
Changed our lives.
Are you the next person?

Leah Jacobs Puryear
5th grade, Abingdon Elementary School


Dude the waves veer madly
Like arrows pointing
Straight up at the dark
Blue sky man totally!

Dude those gnarly waves are
Like my morning phone
Call man
Know what I mean

Ever Alvarado
6th Grade, HB Woodlawn Secondary Program


I may not seem like much to you.
Just another caterpillar, munching on a leaf,
eating all your trees.
But we gypsy moths have feelings, too.
I’m more than just a caterpillar,
eating all your trees.
I’ve got a wife and kids.
I dance a mean mambo.
I’m more than just a caterpillar
eating all your trees.

Eileen McFarland
7th Grade, Swanson Middle School



Karen Lithgow
8th Grade, Kenmore Middle School