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  • Water permitted on buses due to expected high temperatures
    Due to expected extreme high temperatures the next few days, riders are permitted to drink water while riding ART buses. Please use bottles or containers that can be tightly sealed (no open cups), and dispose of any waste in trash or recycling receptacles. Thank you for riding ART, and stay safe!

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Temperature Control on Transit Buses – Did You Know?

April 14, 2017

Keeping the temperature on buses comfortable for everyone on board can be tricky – especially during the spring and fall, when the weather can be hot or cold and often changes quickly.

The air conditioning and heat on transit buses doesn’t work like it does on cars and small vans. Bus drivers cannot flip a switch between heat and air conditioning. It’s more like older apartment buildings, where the entire system has to be set one way or the other.

Getting buses ready for summer heat or winter cold happens at the maintenance facility.  Technicians must refresh the coolant; check and sometimes replace belts; and check the sensors, cabling and fan. It takes several weeks to do this for all of ART’s 60+ buses, which means some buses may be more comfortable than others for a while. 

If you feel too hot or cold on an ART bus:

  • Politely ask the driver whether the temperature can be adjusted. He or she will be able to tell you whether the bus is set for heat or air conditioning.
  • Open or close the windows. The top portions of the windows can be opened or closed by using the handle.
  • Try to find a different seat. The sunny side of the bus tends to be warmest.

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