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Service AlertsART bus stop ID and real-time numbers to change starting 4/18: Beginning the week of April 18th, ART bus stop ID and real-time numbers will change from five digits to seven digits. The change will occur over several weeks as crews replace the numbers on the bus stop signs and flags. Until the changeover is complete, riders can enter either the current five-digit or new seven-digit stop numbers into ART’s Real Time information page on the ART website. The new seven-digit regional ID numbers will match the numbers in WMATA’s Metrobus system. This new system will provide improved real-time information to both ART dispatchers and the public. The change also means that the arrival by phone system will be unavailable until the software for the new system is updated. For more details, including examples of the current and new stop ID numbers, please visit View all ART Alerts


Schedule information for ART and other Northern Virginia transit systems is available on this page. Printer-friendly PDF schedules and route maps are available on each ART route page. For ART real-time arrival information, see the Real-Time Arrivals page.

ART System Map Online

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Listed below are schedules for the ART routes. For schedules for other Northern Virginia transit systems, including Metrobus and VRE, use the pull-down menu immediately below.

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Fairfax Connector

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RIBS2 South Lakes Drive

Schedule Effective 12/19/2015

Saturday: Round Trip
Weekday · Saturday · Sunday · All Schedules
Holiday Service: See below

Daily service to Reston Town Center Transit Station, Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station, South Lakes Dr

Saturday Round Trip

Bus Reston Town Center North Shore Dr & Wedge Dr MetroRail Wiehle-Reston East Metro South Lakes Village Ctr Reston Town Center
RIBS2 7:32 A   7:38 A   7:45 A   7:53 A   8:09 A  
RIBS2 8:04 A   8:10 A   8:17 A   8:25 A   8:41 A  
RIBS2 8:36 A   8:42 A   8:49 A   8:57 A   9:13 A  
RIBS2 9:08 A   9:14 A   9:21 A   9:29 A   9:45 A  
RIBS2 9:40 A   9:46 A   9:53 A   10:01 A   10:17 A  
RIBS2 10:12 A   10:18 A   10:25 A   10:33 A   10:49 A  
RIBS2 10:44 A   10:50 A   10:57 A   11:05 A   11:21 A  
RIBS2 11:16 A   11:22 A   11:29 A   11:37 A   11:53 A  
RIBS2 11:48 A   11:54 A   12:01 P   12:09 P   12:25 P  
RIBS2 12:20 P   12:26 P   12:33 P   12:41 P   12:57 P  
RIBS2 12:52 P   12:58 P   1:05 P   1:13 P   1:29 P  
RIBS2 1:24 P   1:30 P   1:37 P   1:45 P   2:01 P  
RIBS2 1:56 P   2:02 P   2:09 P   2:17 P   2:33 P  
RIBS2 2:28 P   2:34 P   2:41 P   2:49 P   3:05 P  
RIBS2 3:00 P   3:06 P   3:13 P   3:21 P   3:37 P  
RIBS2 3:32 P   3:38 P   3:45 P   3:53 P   4:09 P  
RIBS2 4:04 P   4:10 P   4:17 P   4:25 P   4:41 P  
RIBS2 4:36 P   4:42 P   4:49 P   4:57 P   5:13 P  
RIBS2 5:08 P   5:14 P   5:21 P   5:29 P   5:45 P  
RIBS2 5:40 P   5:46 P   5:53 P   6:01 P   6:17 P  
RIBS2 6:12 P   6:18 P   6:25 P   6:33 P   6:49 P  
RIBS2 6:44 P   6:50 P   6:57 P   7:05 P   7:21 P  
RIBS2 7:19 P   7:25 P   7:32 P   7:40 P   7:56 P  
RIBS2 7:44 P   7:50 P   7:57 P   8:05 P   8:21 P  
RIBS2 8:51 P   8:57 P   9:04 P   9:12 P   9:28 P  


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Fairfax Connector serves Fairfax County, Virginia.