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Schedule information for ART and other Northern Virginia transit systems is available on this page. Printer-friendly PDF schedules and route maps are available on each ART route page. For ART real-time arrival information, see the Real-Time Arrivals page.

ART System Map Online

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Listed below are schedules for the ART routes. For schedules for other Northern Virginia transit systems, including Metrobus and VRE, use the pull-down menu immediately below.

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Loudoun County Transit

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87X Dulles Town Center - Wiehle Reston East Metro

Schedule Effective 7/16/2018

Weekday: AM Service | PM Service

Weekday express service between Dulles Town Center and Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station

Weekday AM Service

Bus Dulles Town Center P&R MetroRail Wiehle-Reston East Metro Dulles Town Center Dulles Town Center P&R
87X 4:40 A   4:56 A     5:20 A  
87X 5:20 A   5:36 A     6:00 A  
87X 6:00 A   6:16 A     6:40 A  
87X 6:40 A   6:56 A   7:24 A   7:30 A  
87X 7:30 A   7:46 A   8:06 A   8:12 A  
87X 8:12 A   8:28 A   8:48 A   8:54 A  
87X 8:54 A   9:10 A      

Weekday PM Service

Bus MetroRail Wiehle-Reston East Metro Dulles Town Center Dulles Town Center P&R MetroRail Wiehle-Reston East Metro
87X 4:00 P   4:25 P   4:29 P   4:51 P  
87X 4:51 P   5:21 P   5:25 P   5:47 P  
87X 5:47 P   6:17 P   6:21 P   6:43 P  
87X 6:43 P   7:13 P   7:17 P   7:39 P  
87X 7:39 P   8:04 P   8:08 P    

Weekday, rush hour service between park and ride lots in Loudoun County and commuter destinations. Loudoun County Commuter Bus website

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