ART 42 Ballston - Pentagon

ART 42 provides service during the week between Ballston Metro station and Pentagon Metro station with stops at Virginia Square, Clarendon, Courthouse Road and the Department of Human Services. On weekends, all service goes to the Pentagon City Metro instead of the Pentagon Metro.

ART 42 Schedule Change Effective September 30

Starting September 30, new ART 42 schedules will go into effect. Weekday peak frequency will improve from every 16 minutes to every 15 minutes and off-peak frequency from every 34 minutes to every 30 minutes. There will also be some time tweaks made to the Saturday and Sunday schedules to improve service. View the new ART 42 schedules. (PDF)

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Metro Station Vicinity Maps

PDF maps from WMATA, showing bus bays and stops near each station, and the bus routes assigned to them.

Arlington's Urban Villages Served

Not all bus stops are shown on the map. Icons on the map represent schedule "timepoints" – the stops that are listed in the printed and online schedules for the route. Clicking the icons will show upcoming scheduled arrival times for that timepoint.

ART RealTime arrival estimates are also available for ART buses that are less than 45 minutes away. There are additional bus stops between the timepoints, usually about two blocks apart. Look for Metrobus and ART bus stop signs along the route. The bus stop signs will have route numbers indicating which routes serve each stop.

For a larger map with more viewing options, see the System Map.

ART 42 Schedules

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Changing Valid through 9/29/2018

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Updated Effective 9/30/2018

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Holiday Schedule

ART 42 operates a Saturday schedule on the following holidays: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Day after Thanksgiving. 

ART 42 does not operate on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Severe Weather Service

When weather impacts service, ART has three levels of service: Limited, Severe and No Service. ART 42 will operate a regular schedule during Limited Service and will not operate during Severe Service. Learn more.