ART and Metrobus Routes Serving Arlington

Click the checkbox next to an ART or Metrobus route below to view the route. Use the navigation buttons in the top left corner, or drag the map with your cursor, to change the map view. Metrorail lines and stations are shown on the map by default; they can be hidden using the checkboxes under the map. Clicking the icon for a Metrorail station shows upcoming arrival times for Metrorail. Click the "More" tab for more options.

Not all bus stops are shown on the map. Icons on the map represent schedule "timepoints" – the stops that are listed in the printed and online schedules for the route. Clicking the icons will show upcoming scheduled arrival times for that timepoint. ART RealTime arrival estimates are also available for ART buses that are less than 45 minutes away.

There are additional bus stops between the timepoints, usually about two blocks apart. Look for Metrobus and ART bus stop signs along the route. The bus stop signs will have route numbers indicating which routes serve each stop.


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 VRE Manassas Line 
 VRE Fredericksburg Line 
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