iRide for Arlington Students

Your ride's here.

You've got places to go. People to see. Things to do. You just need a way to get there.

With ART, Metrobus and Metrorail you’ve always got a ride. No more begging your parents to take you everywhere. No more bumming a ride off your friends.

And the best part is, riding the bus or the train is actually really easy. Check out the links below to find out everything you need to know.

Student iRide SmarTrip CardiRide Student SmarTrip Card

Makes it easier for Arlington K-12 students to get around. ART bus rides only $1.00 with the card and it works on Metrobus, Metrorail and other regional bus systems. Get your card today!

Quick links

iRide Brochure (PDF)

This brochure tells you how to read a timetable, how to pay bus fare, where to catch the bus and includes a map that shows you which buses will take you to your school.

Metro Trip Planner
Use this great tool from Metro to plan your trip in Arlington, or anywhere in the DC area, using public transportation.

Car Free A to Z

Another trip planner, that lets you plan trips using more than one transportation mode (bike-Metrorail-walk, for example). Car Free A to Z calculates money and time spent, calories burned, and CO2 emitted, and lets you compare the numbers.

Car-Free Near Me

Car-Free Near Me maps the locations of transportation services (bus, rail, bikeshare, more) near your home, school, current location, or any location you choose in the D.C. area. This tool not only shows you where bus stops are, it shows where the routes serving those stops will take you, and provides real-time arrival information.

Online Schedules
Get up-to-date schedules for Metrobus and local bus routes in Northern Virginia.

Mobile Schedules
Get news and current bus schedules delivered to your web-enabled mobile device, wherever you are.

Car-Free Diet Map thumbnailCar-Free Diet Map
(PDF, 1.8 MB, Adobe Reader required)
Map of Arlington showing all of the bus and rail routes and major transfer points.

Metrobus Routes Serving Arlington
The Metro system serves the entire DC area. The ART site has a section with the Metrobus routes that will get you around Arlington.