ART - Arlington Transit strives to make riding the bus easy for all its passengers. All ART buses are fully accessible with wheelchair ramps and the ability to lower or kneel. The buses have two wheelchair securement areas, and priority seating for senior citizens and people with disabilities, near the front. All stops are announced audibly and visually using an interior display and automated stop announcement system.

Discounted fares for senior citizens and people with disabilities are available.

Programs to help senior citizens and people with disabilities get around are available.

Accessibility for Other Transit Systems

Accessibility information for other transit systems serving Arlington:

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Arlington County Government provides accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities as described in the Americans with Disabilities Act. To arrange for an accommodation, please call 703-228-RIDE (703-228-7433), TDD: 711, or email

Photo: Person in wheelchair boarding ART bus