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87 Pentagon-Army Navy Drive-Shirlington

Schedule Effective 4/4/2011

Weekday: Northbound | Southbound
Saturday: Northbound | Southbound
Holiday Service: See below

Direct service to the Shirlington Bus Station and Pentagon Metro station Monday through Saturday, with key stops along Walter Reed Drive, Glebe Road and Army Navy Drive. 87A rush hour service connects 26th and Troy to Pentagon in the AM and Pentagon to 26th and Troy in the PM. 87X buses are express trips between Pentagon and Shirlington Station.
For more information, call 703-228-RIDE or visit www.arlingtontransit.com.

Weekday Northbound

 Shirlington Station 24th Rd. & S.Glebe S Lang & 28th St S 26th St & S Troy (The Park Apts) Army Navy & S Lynn Army Navy & S Hayes Metro RailPentagon Metro
AM Schedule
87 5:50a 5:57a 6:01a 6:04a 6:08a 6:10a 6:13a
87 6:05a 6:12a 6:16a 6:19a 6:25a 6:27a 6:32a
87A - - - 6:31a 6:37a 6:39a 6:44a
87 6:25a 6:32a 6:36a 6:39a 6:45a 6:47a 6:52a
87A - - - 6:53a 6:59a 7:01a 7:06a
87 6:45a 6:52a 6:56a 6:59a 7:05a 7:07a 7:12a
87A - - - 7:13a 7:19a 7:21a 7:26a
87 7:01a 7:08a 7:12a 7:15a 7:21a 7:23a 7:28a
87A - - - 7:33a 7:39a 7:41a 7:46a
87 7:25a 7:32a 7:36a 7:39a 7:45a 7:47a 7:52a
87A - - - 7:49a 7:55a 7:57a 8:02a
87 7:45a 7:52a 7:56a 7:59a 8:05a 8:07a 8:12a
87A - - - 8:13a 8:19a 8:21a 8:26a
87 8:05a 8:12a 8:16a 8:19a 8:25a 8:27a 8:32a
87A - - - 8:33a 8:39a 8:41a 8:46a
87 8:21a 8:28a 8:32a 8:35a 8:41a 8:43a 8:48a
87 8:44a 8:51a 8:55a 8:58a 9:04a 9:06a 9:11a
87 9:05a 9:12a 9:16a 9:19a 9:25a 9:27a 9:32a
87 9:21a 9:28a 9:32a 9:35a 9:41a 9:43a 9:48a
87 9:44a 9:51a 9:55a 9:58a 10:04a 10:06a 10:11a
87 10:14a 10:21a 10:25a 10:28a 10:34a 10:36a 10:41a
87 10:44a 10:51a 10:55a 10:58a 11:04a 11:06a 11:11a
87 11:14a 11:21a 11:25a 11:28a 11:34a 11:36a 11:41a
87 11:44a 11:51a 11:55a 11:58a 12:04p 12:06p 12:11p
PM Schedule
87 12:14p 12:21p 12:25p 12:28p 12:34p 12:36p 12:41p
87 12:44p 12:51p 12:55p 12:58p 1:04p 1:06p 1:11p
87 1:14p 1:21p 1:25p 1:28p 1:34p 1:36p 1:41p
87 1:44p 1:51p 1:55p 1:58p 2:04p 2:06p 2:11p
87 2:14p 2:21p 2:25p 2:28p 2:34p 2:36p 2:41p
87 2:44p 2:51p 2:55p 2:58p 3:04p 3:06p 3:11p
87 3:20p 3:27p 3:31p 3:34p 3:40p 3:42p 3:47p
87 3:44p 3:51p 3:55p 3:58p 4:04p 4:06p 4:11p
87X 4:02p - - - - - 4:14p
87A - - - 4:13p 4:19p 4:21p 4:26p
87A - - - 4:24p 4:30p 4:32p 4:37p
87 4:12p 4:19p 4:23p 4:26p 4:32p 4:34p 4:39p
87A - - - 4:38p 4:44p 4:46p 4:51p
87 4:32p 4:39p 4:43p 4:46p 4:52p 4:54p 4:59p
87A - - - 5:00p 5:06p 5:08p 5:13p
87 4:52p 4:59p 5:03p 5:06p 5:12p 5:14p 5:19p
87X 5:00p - - - - - 5:12p
87A - - - 5:20p 5:26p 5:28p 5:33p
87 5:12p 5:19p 5:23p 5:26p 5:32p 5:34p 5:39p
87 5:32p 5:39p 5:43p 5:46p 5:52p 5:54p 5:59p
87X 5:40p - - - - - 5:52p
87A - - - 5:41p 5:47p 5:49p 5:54p
87A - - - 5:59p 6:05p 6:07p 6:12p
87 5:52p 5:59p 6:03p 6:06p 6:12p 6:14p 6:19p
87 6:12p 6:19p 6:23p 6:26p 6:32p 6:34p 6:39p
87A - - - 6:41p 6:47p 6:49p 6:54p
87 6:32p 6:39p 6:43p 6:46p 6:52p 6:54p 6:59p
87 6:54p 7:01p 7:05p 7:08p 7:14p 7:16p 7:21p
87 7:24p 7:31p 7:35p 7:38p 7:44p 7:46p 7:51p
87 7:54p 8:01p 8:05p 8:08p 8:14p 8:16p 8:21p
87 8:24p 8:31p 8:35p 8:38p 8:44p 8:46p 8:51p
87 8:54p 9:01p 9:05p 9:08p 9:14p 9:16p 9:21p
87 9:24p 9:31p 9:35p 9:38p 9:44p 9:46p 9:51p

Weekday Southbound

 Metro RailPentagon Metro Army Navy & S Hayes Army Navy & S Lynn 26th St & S Troy (The Park Apts) S Lang & 28th St S 24th Rd. & S.Glebe Shirlington Station
AM Schedule
87A 6:20a 6:24a 6:26a 6:29a - - -
87A 6:42a 6:46a 6:48a 6:51a - - -
87X 6:51a - - - - - 7:01a
87A 7:02a 7:06a 7:08a 7:11a - - -
87X 7:13a - - - - - 7:23a
87A 7:22a 7:26a 7:28a 7:31a - - -
87X 7:33a - - - - - 7:43a
87A 7:38a 7:42a 7:44a 7:47a - - -
87X 7:53a - - - - - 8:03a
87A 8:02a 8:06a 8:08a 8:11a - - -
87X 8:09a - - - - - 8:19a
87A 8:22a 8:26a 8:28a 8:31a - - -
87X 8:32a - - - - - 8:42a
87 8:41a 8:44a 8:46a 8:49a 8:52a 8:58a 9:03a
87 8:57a 9:00a 9:02a 9:05a 9:08a 9:14a 9:19a
87 9:20a 9:23a 9:25a 9:28a 9:31a 9:37a 9:42a
87 9:50a 9:53a 9:55a 9:58a 10:01a 10:07a 10:12a
87 10:20a 10:23a 10:25a 10:28a 10:31a 10:37a 10:42a
87 10:50a 10:53a 10:55a 10:58a 11:01a 11:07a 11:12a
87 11:20a 11:23a 11:25a 11:28a 11:31a 11:37a 11:42a
87 11:50a 11:53a 11:55a 11:58a 12:01p 12:07p 12:12p
PM Schedule
87 12:20p 12:23p 12:25p 12:28p 12:31p 12:37p 12:42p
87 12:50p 12:53p 12:55p 12:58p 1:01p 1:07p 1:12p
87 1:20p 1:23p 1:25p 1:28p 1:31p 1:37p 1:42p
87 1:50p 1:53p 1:55p 1:58p 2:01p 2:07p 2:12p
87 2:20p 2:23p 2:25p 2:28p 2:31p 2:37p 2:42p
87 2:48p 2:51p 2:53p 2:56p 2:59p 3:05p 3:10p
87 3:20p 3:23p 3:25p 3:28p 3:31p 3:37p 3:42p
87 3:40p 3:43p 3:45p 3:48p 3:51p 3:57p 4:02p
87X 4:00p - - - - - 4:10p
87A 4:05p 4:08p 4:10p 4:13p - - -
87A 4:15p 4:19p 4:21p 4:24p - - -
87X 4:20p - - - - - 4:30p
87A 4:27p 4:30p 4:32p 4:36p - - -
87 4:35p 4:39p 4:41p 4:44p 4:47p 4:53p 4:58p
87X 4:40p - - - - - 4:50p
87A 4:49p 4:53p 4:55p 4:58p - - -
87X 5:00p - - - - - 5:10p
87A 5:09p 5:13p 5:15p 5:18p - - -
87 5:15p 5:19p 5:21p 5:24p 5:27p 5:33p 5:38p
87X 5:20p - - - - - 5:30p
87A 5:30p 5:34p 5:36p 5:39p - - -
87X 5:40p - - - - - 5:50p
87A 5:50p 5:54p 5:56p 5:59p - - -
87 5:55p 5:59p 6:01p 6:04p 6:07p 6:13p 6:18p
87X 6:00p - - - - - 6:10p
87 6:10p 6:13p 6:15p 6:18p 6:21p 6:27p 6:32p
87X 6:20p - - - - - 6:30p
87A 6:30p 6:34p 6:36p 6:39p - - -
87X 6:40p - - - - - 6:50p
87 7:01p 7:04p 7:06p 7:09p 7:12p 7:18p 7:23p
87 7:15p 7:18p 7:20p 7:23p 7:26p 7:32p 7:37p
87 7:30p 7:33p 7:35p 7:38p 7:41p 7:47p 7:52p
87 8:00p 8:03p 8:05p 8:08p 8:11p 8:17p 8:22p
87 8:30p 8:33p 8:35p 8:38p 8:41p 8:47p 8:52p
87 9:00p 9:03p 9:05p 9:08p 9:11p 9:17p 9:22p
87 9:30p 9:33p 9:35p 9:38p 9:41p 9:47p 9:52p
87 10:00p 10:03p 10:05p 10:08p 10:11p 10:17p 10:22p

Saturday Northbound

 Shirlington Station 24th Rd. & S.Glebe S Lang & 28th St S 26th St & S Troy (The Park Apts) Army Navy & S Lynn Army Navy & S Hayes Metro RailPentagon Metro
AM Schedule
87 7:00a 7:07a 7:11a 7:14a 7:18a 7:20a 7:23a
87 7:30a 7:37a 7:41a 7:44a 7:48a 7:50a 7:53a
87 8:00a 8:07a 8:11a 8:14a 8:18a 8:20a 8:23a
87 8:30a 8:37a 8:41a 8:44a 8:48a 8:50a 8:53a
87 9:00a 9:07a 9:11a 9:14a 9:18a 9:20a 9:23a
87 9:30a 9:37a 9:41a 9:44a 9:48a 9:50a 9:53a
87 10:00a 10:07a 10:11a 10:14a 10:18a 10:20a 10:23a
87 10:30a 10:37a 10:41a 10:44a 10:48a 10:50a 10:53a
87 11:00a 11:07a 11:11a 11:14a 11:18a 11:20a 11:23a
87 11:30a 11:37a 11:41a 11:44a 11:48a 11:50a 11:53a
PM Schedule
87 12:00p 12:07p 12:11p 12:14p 12:18p 12:20p 12:23p
87 12:30p 12:37p 12:41p 12:44p 12:48p 12:50p 12:53p
87 1:00p 1:07p 1:11p 1:14p 1:18p 1:20p 1:23p
87 1:30p 1:37p 1:41p 1:44p 1:48p 1:50p 1:53p
87 2:00p 2:07p 2:11p 2:14p 2:18p 2:20p 2:23p
87 2:30p 2:37p 2:41p 2:44p 2:48p 2:50p 2:53p
87 3:00p 3:07p 3:11p 3:14p 3:18p 3:20p 3:23p
87 3:30p 3:37p 3:41p 3:44p 3:48p 3:50p 3:53p
87 4:00p 4:07p 4:11p 4:14p 4:18p 4:20p 4:23p
87 4:30p 4:37p 4:41p 4:44p 4:48p 4:50p 4:53p
87 5:00p 5:07p 5:11p 5:14p 5:18p 5:20p 5:23p
87 5:30p 5:37p 5:41p 5:44p 5:48p 5:50p 5:53p
87 6:00p 6:07p 6:11p 6:14p 6:18p 6:20p 6:23p
87 6:30p 6:37p 6:41p 6:44p 6:48p 6:50p 6:53p
87 7:00p 7:07p 7:11p 7:14p 7:18p 7:20p 7:23p
87 7:30p 7:37p 7:41p 7:44p 7:48p 7:50p 7:53p
87 8:00p 8:07p 8:11p 8:14p 8:18p 8:20p 8:23p
87 8:30p 8:37p 8:41p 8:44p 8:48p 8:50p 8:53p

Saturday Southbound

 Metro RailPentagon Metro Army Navy & S Hayes Army Navy & S Lynn 26th St & S Troy (The Park Apts) S Lang & 28th St S 24th Rd. & S.Glebe Shirlington Station
AM Schedule
87 7:33a 7:36a 7:38a 7:41a 7:44a 7:50a 7:55a
87 8:03a 8:06a 8:08a 8:11a 8:14a 8:20a 8:25a
87 8:33a 8:36a 8:38a 8:41a 8:44a 8:50a 8:55a
87 9:03a 9:06a 9:08a 9:11a 9:14a 9:20a 9:25a
87 9:33a 9:36a 9:38a 9:41a 9:44a 9:50a 9:55a
87 10:03a 10:06a 10:08a 10:11a 10:14a 10:20a 10:25a
87 10:33a 10:36a 10:38a 10:41a 10:44a 10:50a 10:55a
87 11:03a 11:06a 11:08a 11:11a 11:14a 11:20a 11:25a
87 11:33a 11:36a 11:38a 11:41a 11:44a 11:50a 11:55a
PM Schedule
87 12:03p 12:06p 12:08p 12:11p 12:14p 12:20p 12:25p
87 12:33p 12:36p 12:38p 12:41p 12:44p 12:50p 12:55p
87 1:03p 1:06p 1:08p 1:11p 1:14p 1:20p 1:25p
87 1:33p 1:36p 1:38p 1:41p 1:44p 1:50p 1:55p
87 2:03p 2:06p 2:08p 2:11p 2:14p 2:20p 2:25p
87 2:33p 2:36p 2:38p 2:41p 2:44p 2:50p 2:55p
87 3:03p 3:06p 3:08p 3:11p 3:14p 3:20p 3:25p
87 3:33p 3:36p 3:38p 3:41p 3:44p 3:50p 3:55p
87 4:03p 4:06p 4:08p 4:11p 4:14p 4:20p 4:25p
87 4:33p 4:36p 4:38p 4:41p 4:44p 4:50p 4:55p
87 5:03p 5:06p 5:08p 5:11p 5:14p 5:20p 5:25p
87 5:33p 5:36p 5:38p 5:41p 5:44p 5:50p 5:55p
87 6:03p 6:06p 6:08p 6:11p 6:14p 6:20p 6:25p
87 6:33p 6:36p 6:38p 6:41p 6:44p 6:50p 6:55p
87 7:03p 7:06p 7:08p 7:11p 7:14p 7:20p 7:25p
87 7:33p 7:36p 7:38p 7:41p 7:44p 7:50p 7:55p
87 8:03p 8:06p 8:08p 8:11p 8:14p 8:20p 8:25p
87 8:33p 8:36p 8:38p 8:41p 8:44p 8:50p 8:55p
87 9:03p 9:06p 9:08p 9:11p 9:14p 9:20p 9:25p

New Year's Day    No service
M.L. King Jr. Day    Saturday schedule
Presidents' Day    Saturday schedule
Memorial Day    No service
Independence Day    No service
Labor Day    No service
Columbus Day    Saturday schedule
Veterans Day    Saturday schedule
Thanksgiving Day    No service
Day After Thanksgiving    Saturday schedule
Christmas Day    No service

For more information, call 703-228-RIDE or visit www.arlingtontransit.com.