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Service AlertsReduced Service and Rear Boarding on ART Buses: ART 41, 42, 45, 51, 55, 77 & 87 are operating Saturday schedules with some modifications. ART 43 is running every 20 mins. All other routes are not operating. Riders should enter and exit the buses using the rear door. Fare collection has been suspended on all ART buses. Learn more at View all ART Alerts

Service AlertsNew Phone Number for STAR Customer Call Center Effective June 1: Starting June 1, the STAR Call Center's new phone number will be 703-228-1900. The current number will not work after May 31. Full details: View all ART Alerts

Service AlertsFace Coverings Strongly Recommended on ART Buses: For your safety and the safety of others, we strongly recommend all passengers wear face masks or face coverings while using ART. View all ART Alerts

Service AlertsReduced STAR Call Center Hours: Starting on Thursday, April 2, the STAR Call Center will operate on a reduced schedule. The Call Center will be open Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm and closed on Saturday. There are no changes to STAR service hours. Learn more at View all ART Alerts


You can book a ride, cancel a ride and check on your schedule at any time or any day using your phone (STAR IVR) any time you want. No need to wait until the STAR Call Center is open. STAR IVR uses Interactive Voice Response technology to allow STAR riders with a touch-tone phone to check on their rides, book rides, and cancel trips at any time on any day. With IVR technology, an automated voice will instruct you in each step of the process. For example, you may be instructed to “Say or Press 3 to Schedule a Ride.”

To use STAR IVR, please call the regular STAR phone number, 703-892-8747 and choose Option 5. Please note: STAR IVR is only available in English.

STAR riders will be offered the choice of several options on STAR IVR. These options are:

  • Confirm a scheduled trip. This enables the user to check on the pickup time;
  • Cancel a trip;
  • Book or schedule a trip;
  • Review user account information; and
  • Change the user password.

To begin using STAR IVR please call the STAR Call Center during working hours to obtain your Client ID. The STAR Call Center will be glad to activate your account to use this feature. You will also have a 5 digit password, which you can change. Your initial password is your MetroAccess ID, which is on your MetroAccess ID card. If your MetroAccess ID has fewer digits, add zeros to the beginning. For example, if your MetroAccess ID is 76, your initial password would be 00076. If your MetroAccess ID has more than five digits, just use the first five. If you forget your Client ID or password, you can check with the STAR Call Center.

Please note: STAR users will only be able to schedule rides between addresses they have already traveled to on STAR; to buildings that are in the STAR Landmarks file; or to a special list of their Favorite Locations. If you need to travel to a new address, please call the STAR Call Center for this ride. This will ensure that the ride is booked to the correct geographic location.

You can add up to 10 addresses to your Favorite Locations list for easy booking. These are places that you travel to frequently or destinations requiring special directions, such as “use rear entrance.” You can create your Favorite Locations list by providing that information, including mailing addresses, to the STAR Call Center.

STAR IVR does not allow automatic bookings. Each day the STAR dispatchers will still assign your trip requests to a vehicle. Therefore, after 6:30 p.m. on the day you ordered a trip or on the next business day, please check your account on STAR IVR to verify that STAR staff scheduled your trips.

If you have any questions concerning the use of STAR IVR, please call the STAR Call Center during working hours or email

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