ART Bus Stop Information for Layar Reality Browser

Layar screenshotFree Tool for Android and iPhone

ART bus stop data is available for Layar Reality Browser. With a compatible smart phone, users can find the location of nearby ART bus stops and get ART RealTime arrival information.

Layar uses a combination of the phone’s camera, compass and GPS data to identify the user’s location, retrieve useful data about the user’s surroundings, and overlay that information over the camera view. The technology is called "Augmented Reality." Users can also view bus stop locations in list or map views.

This free tool is currently available for iPhones (3GS and newer) and Android mobile devices. Phones must have an internet connection, camera, GPS and compass to be able to use Layar. Download Layar at and then search for “Arlington” or “Transportation” to find the ART data layer.

There are also data layers for Capital Bikeshare locations and WalkArlington Walkabout points of interest. All can be found by searching for "Arlington."