Urgent Service Updates
  • ART & STAR: Winter weather forecast for 3/21, delays possible
    Winter weather is forecast for Wednesday, March 21. ART hopes to offer *LIMITED* service on Wednesday. Service may be increased or decreased during the day depending on conditions. STAR will follow its severe weather policy. Additional alerts will be issued if service should change during the day. For information on ART and STAR service levels during severe weather, please visit https://tinyurl.com/y8vzpctc (ART) or https://tinyurl.com/y78wh8vx (STAR). Please use caution when walking outside in slippery conditions.

View additional alerts from ART and Metro.

Digital Transit Information Displays

Photo: Redmon Transit Display at Courthouse PlazaThere are a variety of digital signs displaying transit information in locations throughout Arlington and the Washington, D.C. area. These signs provide information that applies specifically to each sign's location. Transit users can get relevant information without knowing in advance what transit services are available at that location, and they don't need a smart phone with transit apps installed.

Digital signs installed in Arlington display ART, Metrobus, and local bus schedule and real-time information for nearby bus stops.

Types of Digital Displays

Redmon Transit Display Digital Signage System

Large, flat-panel LCD screens are installed in and around the DC Metro area including Arlington County buildings, federal buildings, Commuter Stores, transit centers, Tysons Corner Center Mall, and other locations, both indoors and outdoors. These systems display transit information specific to each location, and may include:

  • real-time Metrorail train arrival information for a nearby Metro station
  • real-time bus arrival information for one or more nearby bus stops
  • bus schedule information,
  • current bike sharing availability information,
  • current car sharing availability information,
  • news/weather/time information,
  • transit service alerts

Read more on CommuterPage.com about the partnership between Arlington County Commuter Services and Redmon Group to develop digital Transit Displays.

Mobility Lab Real-Time Transit Screens

Smaller digital signs designed to be used in retail stores and at other indoor locations. These screens display real-time transit arrivals and Capital Bikeshare availability specific to each location. More information on MobilityLab.org.

LED Bus Information Signs

Easy-to-read, lighted signs at the Rosslyn and Crystal City Metro stations, Shirlington Bus Station and at bus stations along the Metroway route tell riders which buses stop at which bus bays. Printed schedule information is displayed beneath each digital sign.

Photo: LED signs at Rosslyn Metro