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  • STAR service - Wednesday, Feb. 20
    STAR will not provide service on Wednesday, Feb. 20 except for dialysis trips due to inclement weather. The STAR Call Center will be closed. For detailed information on STAR severe weather service, please visit https://www.arlingtontransit.com/pages/star/star-rider-guide/severe-weather-policy/
  • ART service - Wednesday, Feb. 20
    Due to predicted inclement weather and unsafe road conditions, ART will operate on *Severe* service all day Wednesday, Feb. 20. For detailed information on ART severe weather service, including detours, please visit https://www.arlingtontransit.com/pages/about/severe-weather-policy/

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Calling All Transit Riders -- We Want Your Feedback!

March 27, 2014

Attention Transit Riders – Do you want better ways to communicate with your transit agency?  A study sponsored by the Transportation Research Board is currently being conducted to collect information on how riders would like to communicate with their transit agencies with a focus on web-based feedback tools. 

An online community has been set up so that you can submit your ideas, vote on other people's ideas, and add comments as part of the discussion. 

Joining the discussion is easy:

1.     Visit  http://b43.ideascale.com/

a.  If you have used IdeaScale in the past, key in your email and password or log in with your Facebook, Linked-In, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, AOL or OpenID account.

b.  If you are new to IdeaScale, click on the "Register" icon on the top left of the screen. 

c.  Join the Community – use the green link in the top center of the screen.

2.     Browse current ideas that are posted – several options are available to sort the ideas

a.  You can vote for or against ideas.

b.  You can comment on ideas.

3.     The orange button in the center of the screen will allow you to post new ideas.  Each idea requires a succinct title and has a box for the description. 

TheTransitWire.com explains the three campaigns that the site has been organized around:

  • Topics – What types of comments would you like to send transit agencies (e.g., bus was early/late, operator behavior, public safety issues, cleanliness of the vehicle or bus stop, commendations for operators and staff)? What types of issues should agencies be encouraging feedback on (e.g., service quality, maintenance issues, public safety concerns, route and schedule planning, long range planning, fare policy)?
  • Tools – What type of technology is most useful for communicating with transit agencies (e.g., web-based, such as a form on the website; mobile applications; text messaging)? What types of social media are most effective for agencies (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)?  What types of tools would you like to see transit agencies use to get formal comments from transit riders (e.g., surveys, panels, discussion forums)?
  • Touch – How should agencies handle feedback that is received from riders about day-to-day operations (how quickly do you expect a response, what type of response, do you want interactivity with the agency)? How should agencies handle feedback that is received via social media (response time, type of response, interactivity with rider)? How should agencies engage with riders about feedback for general and long-term planning (frequency of surveys, interactivity with panels, etc.)?

The forum will be active until April 30, 2014. The input will be incorporated into a report that will be published by the Transportation Research Board.

Arlington Transit looks forward to reviewing the results of this study and incorporating ideas generated from it into the way we interact with our customers. Take the time to check out the forum and provide any ideas or feedback that you have.

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