ART 87 Riders -- We Need Your Input!

August 31, 2011

August 31, 2011 -- We are in the process of updating the ART 87 brochure and wanted to get some feedback on the best way to present the bus schedule. For those of you who aren't familiar with ART 87, the route links Shirlington, Nauck, Long Branch Creek and Army Navy Dr. to Macy's and the Pentagon. There are three different route options you can take:

  • ART 87 runs local and stops at every stop along the route
  • ART 87A runs local between 26th & S. Troy and the Pentagon, only stopping at the bus stops between those two locations
  • ART 87X runs direct between the Pentagon and Shirlington with no stopping in between

Since there are several route options, we wanted to make the schedule as easy as possible for you, the riders, to read. Below are links for two schedule options. Option A shows all three schedules combined into one schedule. Option B shows all three schedules (87, 87A, 87X) separated out. Which option do you think is the easiest to read and use?

Leave your opinion on which schedule you'd prefer in the comment section below. We'll be collecting responses until September 12 and will then design the schedule brochure based on the most popular choice.

Thank you for your input and for riding ART!

Option A -- ART 87 Combined Schedules (PDF)

Option B -- ART 87 Separated Schedules (PDF)

[PDFs removed September 16, 2015. These old schedules were turning up in Google searches.]

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