Pike Ride

Pike Ride logoPike Ride is combined ART and Metrobus service on Columbia Pike and in the surrounding neighborhoods. The two services are coordinated to provide frequent, convenient service along the Pike.

Diagrams of Columbia Pike Bus Routes and Stops

Westbound routes and stops (PDF, Adobe Reader required)

Eastbound routes and stops (PDF, Adobe Reader required)

Metrobus Service

Metrobus 16ABEJP – Columbia Pike. Service between Annandale/Culmore and the Pentagon. Metrobus 16A provides service throughout the day every 30 minutes to and from Annandale. Metrobus 16B and 16J travel to and from Culmore, also at 30-minute intervals. During peak periods, the 16 F Limited also makes the Culmore circuit. When combined during peak hours, these Pike Ride routes travel Columbia Pike every 5 minutes.

Metrobus 16GHK – Columbia Heights West-Pentagon City. Metrobus 16G provides service every 12 minutes all day long. It is supplemented with Metrobus 16H service during peak hours. During those peak hours, Pike Ride will be at your stop every 6 minutes. The Pentagon City service is timed to arrive within five minutes of a train. If you’re a Metrorail Blue Line rider, the 16GHK is the perfect way to beat the crowds at the Pentagon Metrorail station.

Metrobus 16L– Annandale-Skyline City-Pentagon. Metrobus 16L operates along Columbia Pike and I-395 between Pentagon Metro station and Annandale, serving Pentagon City, Baileys Crossroads and Skyline City.

Metrobus 16Y – Columbia Pike-Farragut Square.  The 16Y operates along Columbia Pike between Barcroft (Columbia Pike & Four Mile Run Dr.) and McPherson Square in Washington D.C.

ART Service

ART 74 and ART 75 serve the neighborhoods along the Columbia Pike corridor. ART 41 connects the western portion of Columbia Pike with the Ballston, Clarendon, and Court House neighborhoods.

Pike Ride Routes and Schedules

Metrobus 16ABEJP – Columbia Pike
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Metrobus 16F – Columbia Pike-Federal Triangle
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Metrobus 16GHK – Columbia Heights West-Pentagon City
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Metrobus 16L – Annandale-Skyline City-Pentagon
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Metrobus 16Y – Columbia Pike-Farragut Square
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ART 41 – Columbia Pike-Ballston-Court House
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ART 74 – Douglas Park-Arlington Village-Pentagon City
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ART 75 – Wakefield H.S-Carlin Springs Rd.-Ballston
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Which Bus Should You Take?

If you need to connect to Metrorail, you can take any Pike Ride bus, because they all go to a Metrorail station. All Pike Ride bus stops are clearly marked and have route information. Metobus16 G,H Arlington buses (Pentagon City service) are easily identified by the distinctive Pike Ride logo and advertising on the sides. Most important, always check the bus marquee. The marquee gives you the bus route number and destination.