Urgent Service Updates
  • ART & STAR: Winter weather forecast for 3/21, delays possible
    Winter weather is forecast for Wednesday, March 21. ART hopes to offer *LIMITED* service on Wednesday. Service may be increased or decreased during the day depending on conditions. STAR will follow its severe weather policy. Additional alerts will be issued if service should change during the day. For information on ART and STAR service levels during severe weather, please visit https://tinyurl.com/y8vzpctc (ART) or https://tinyurl.com/y78wh8vx (STAR). Please use caution when walking outside in slippery conditions.

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Performance Statistics

Arlington Transit -- ART keeps quarterly performance statistics for both ART and STAR. The reports will be made available here on the Arlington Transit website and archived. A short explanation for each quarterly report will also be included.

The following standards are used for the ART route performance statistics:

Primary Transit Network (PTN) - These are routes that run everyday service with 18 hour spans or longer and 15 min. frequencies. The Passenger per Revenue Hour standard for a PTN is 35 and the Percentage of Cost Recovery standard is 35%. 

Secondary Transit Network (STN) - These are routes that have 30 min. or more frequency and may not have weekend service, run during peak only, etc. The Passenger per Revenue Hour standard for a STN is 12 and the Percentage of Cost Recovery standard is 20%.

Available reports are linked to below.

Fiscal Year 2016 Performance Reports

1st Quarter FY16 Performance (PDF)
2nd Quarter FY16 Performance (PDF)
3rd Quarter FY16 Performance (PDF)
4th Quarter FY16 Performance (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2015 Performance Reports

1st Quarter FY15 Performance (PDF)
2nd Quarter FY15 Performance (PDF)
3rd Quarter FY15 Performance (PDF)
4th Quarter FY15 Performance (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2014 Performance Reports

1st Quarter FY14 Performance (PDF)
2nd Quarter FY14 Performance (PDF)
3rd Quarter FY14 Performance (PDF)
4th Quarter FY14 Performance (PDF)