Art on the ART Bus

Art on the ART Bus is a mobile gallery on one of Arlington County’s ART buses. Run by Arlington’s Special Projects Curator, Cynthia Connolly, this unique bus features original works of art. This dynamic connection between public transit and original art makes the commute as exciting as the destination, cultivating a vibrant arts experience for transit in Arlington County, Virginia. Initiated in December 2010, this bus rotates throughout the different routes available to ART bus passengers. Learn more about the program and view past exhibits.

The new exhibit featuring Arlington artist Sushmita Mazumdar  is up and will be rotating ART bus routes so all riders can enjoy the artwork!

ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: Riders see their ART bus drivers everyday but do they know their stories? Artist Sushmita Mazumdar asked the drivers to share words in languages and scripts of their choice. Looking at the letters’ shapes as abstract forms, she explores how familiar and unfamiliar words and writing can become art. Turning their words into art displayed inside the bus through the Art on the ART bus program, Mazumdar hopes to make the bus drivers’ voices visible to all.

Art on the ART Bus is funded in part by Arlington Transit.

Sushmita Mazumdar's Art on the ART Bus Artwork

Visit ART's Facebook page to see more pictures from the exhibit.

Art on the ART Bus