Transit Projects

The Transit Program improves transit facilities, increases utilization of ART, Metrobus and rail transit services in the County, and assists with the integration of existing transit facilities into surrounding communities. Learn more about the Transit Program and its ongoing projects. 

2013 ART Ridership Survey Results

The Arlington Transit (ART) Ridership Study is a regular assessment of who ART's customers are, how they use ART bus service, their satisfaction with current service and changes that ART could make to improve that satisfaction. The 2013 study is a follow-up to the 2008 ART Rider Study. Key findings from the 2013 study include:

  • Satisfaction with current ART service is high among riders
  • Trip purpose is skewed towards commuting, but riders use ART for a variety of trip purposes
  • ART riders want more service frequency and span so that riding the bus is more convenient
  • ART serves customers that are diverse in terms of age, ethnicity, income and access to different modes of transportation

The following links provide more detailed information about the survey results and talk about how the survey was conducted:

ART Ridership Study Presentation to Arlington County Board on December 17, 2013 (PDF)

Riders Love Arlington Transit and Want More of it (Blog Post)

ART Bus in Arlington has Loyal and Diverse Ridership (Blog Post)

Transportation Development Plan (TDP)

The Transit Development Plan (TDP) identifies transit service improvements that are designed to support goals, policies, implementation actions and performance measures of the Master Transportation Plan. The TDP is updated on a yearly basis and the public is invited to provide suggestions and comments for expanded or new services. View the TDP and other transportation plans and studies.

Key Findings from 2013 TDP Survey

All Arlington County Residents, Business Owners, Commuters, and the Community at large were invited to participate in a Transportation Development Plan Survey during the spring of 2013. The initial survey was administered during a Community Forum held in the National Navy League Building in Arlington Virginia. The process for updating Arlington County’s 6-year Transit Development Plan was explained, as well as an opportunity to solicit suggestions for expanded or new services through the survey and work stations. Five Arlington County Staff members as well as one representative of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (METRO) were present. The survey instrument used 12 questions to learn about potential updates to the Transportation Development Plan. This same survey was made available online a week following the public meeting. There will be another meeting in the fall to present the final update of the plan. The following link provides a list of key findings based on responses. Learn More.                        

A full report on the findings from the Transportation Development Plan outreach process is available here:

Arlington County Transit Transportation Development Plan 2013 Survey Summary (PDF, 655 KB, Adobe Reader required)