ART - Arlington Transit

ART - Arlington Transit operates within Arlington County, Virginia, supplementing Metrobus with cross-County routes as well as neighborhood connections to Metrorail. Most of ART's state-of-the ART buses operate on clean-burning natural gas; all have climate control to keep you comfortable and dependable schedules to keep you on time.

ART Alerts

Sign-up for ART Alerts to receive up-to-date ART bus service information via email or text message. Know ahead of time about delays, severe weather information and traffic disruptions. Learn more.

Severe Weather Schedule

Winter weather can cause delays to ART bus service. Learn more about ART's three levels of service during snow storms and how to get up-to-date information sent to you via email or text message. Learn more.

The Scoop: Car Free in Arlington County

Check out our new video series – The Scoop: Car Free in Arlington County. With the help of our residents, host Jimmy Meritt shows you just how easy it is to be car free in Arlington.

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Trip Planner

e.g. 1701 N George Mason Dr, Arlington, VA
e.g. 2772 S Randolph St, Arlington, VA

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(e.g. A00000)